Senior Alarms Help the Elderly
Age in Place

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Many seniors prefer to maintain their independence rather than moving to assisted living or nursing homes. Senior alarms are one of the initiatives being promoted to help our growing elderly population age in place and live at home longer. Seniors with illnesses or medical conditions that are considered to be of high risk and might need immediate medical attention should consider an elderly alarm.

How it Works

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  1. Push Your Senior Alarm Button

    • Waterproof help button
    • Can be worn as a wristband or necklace
  2. Senior Alarm System Connects with a Care Specialist

    • Speaker phone lets you talk even if you've fallen & are unable to get up
    • Console picks up button signal for up to 400 feet
    • Battery works for up to 32 hours in the event of a power failure
  3. Immediate Assistance from a UL listed Monitoring Center

    • Monitoring Center is open 24 hours per day/365 days a year
    • Specially trained Care Specialists
  4. Help Arrives at your Doorstep

    • Specialist will contact family members, friends and neighbors
    • When needed, emergency services will be contacted

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  • Less than $1 per day
  • Free shipping
  • No set-up or delivery fees
  • Cancel at any time

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“This has relieved a lot of worry for me.”

Living 1,000 miles away caused me to worry about my mother falling.Now I know that someone will be there to help!

- Cheryl A.
Hammond, Indiana